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THE NIGHT FIGHTERS series, about the United States Marine Corps' Combined Action Program in Vietnam, was published in paperback by Ivy Books, an imprint of Ballantine Books. The books have been out of print since the early 1990s. In 2012, I made all of them available again as ebooks. I have three other Vietnam War novels, There I Was; the War of Corporal Henry J. Morris, USMC, The Squad, and The Junkyard Dogs.

All of the novels are available botth as ebooks and in trade paperback (6x9 inch) format print-on-demand.

The Photographs are all mine.

Book 1:Knives in the Night

This book introduces the Marines of CAP Tango Niner and the Popular Forces of Bun Hou village, somewhere deep in "Indian Country." The Marines and Vietnamese soon find themselves pitted against Major Nghu, a sadistic North Vietnamese Army officer dedicated to wiping out the Marines and subjugating the South Vietnamese peasants.

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Book 2: Main Force Assault

This time the Marines and their Vietnamese comrades are in a fight to the death against an almost overwhelming force of Viet Cong regulars, the Main Force VC—and if that's not enough, they also go up against corrupt South Vietnamese officials!  



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Book 3: Out of the Fire

In this book the Marines have been framed for drug dealing by the corrupt South Vietnamese officials they opposed in the previous book. They have to prove their innocence as well as defend Bun Hou village. 

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Book 4: A Rock and a Hard Place

A North Vietnamese senior sergeant defects when he decides the Americans aren't fighting fair, and is captured by the Marines of Tango Niner. He tells about a secret North Vietnamese communications installation several miles west of Bun Hou, but American officials don't buy his story when he tells them why he defected -- he saw a muscle-bound guy coated with body oil, wearing a red headband and too-tight pants, and carrying an M-60 machine gun with its belt wrapped around his arm! The Marines and Popular Forces of Tango Niner are left to undertake a secret and unauthorized mission to wipe out the communications center themselves.

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Book 5: A Nghu Day Dawns

Major Nghu returns, but the Marines have become so adept at night fighting he decides to operate during the day. It takes time for the Marines to work out Major Nghu's method, but when they do, they put an end to the sadistic North Vietnamese officer. This book was originally published under the title A New Night Falls.

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Book 6: Charlie Don't Live Here Anymore

Book 6 brings everything full circle. Bun Hou is safe and doesn't really need the Marines any more—except for one more mission. Five of the Marines and PFs go deep into a North Vietnamese stronghold in the A Shau Valley to rescue a kidnapped child.  

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All of my Vietnam novels are available at for multiple ebook readers: Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad, Palm, and more. Also at Amazon in Kindle.
The paperbacks are all print-on-demand, 6"x9" trade paperback editions.

My other Vietnam War novels:



THERE I WAS; The War of Corporal Henry J Morris, USMC

How do men who have gone to war tell their stories? How do their stories compare to what really happened? That's what this book is about.

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More editions coming soon.

A Marine rifle squad gets isolated behind the advancing North Vietnamese during the Tet Offensive of 1968
and has to fight for survival against the NVA company sent to hunt it down.

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Trade paperbacks will be available soon.

Three members of a Combined Action Platoon are enlisted into a secret mission that one of them is suspicious of.
One thing they learn is, their outpost is about to be attacked by an overwhelming force.
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