cover Book 10: A World of Hurt
A Del Rey Book
Published by Ballantine Books
Copyright 2004 by David Sherman and Dan Cragg

Cover art by Mark Harrison

Starfist, Book 10, A World of Hurt
In A World of Hurt, a civilian analyst in the Development Control Division of the Department of Colonial Development, Population Control, and Xenobiological Studies notices a peculiar series of incidents on the colony world called Maugham's Station and flags it as having possible military interest. The military, in the person of Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral K. C. B. Porter, does find it of interest -- it looks like the work of Skinks. Thirty-fourth FIST is dispatched to investigate and, if necessary, drive the Skinks from Maugham's Station. What they find is predatory life even stranger than the Skinks -- and a secret war between other worlds. Starfist Book 10: A World of Hurt was published in hardback in December, 2004. The paperback is available now.

cover Book 11: Flashfire
A Del Rey Book
Published by Ballantine Books
Copyright 2006 by David Sherman and Dan Cragg

Starfist, Book 11, Flashfire
The Confederation of Human Worlds is comprised of about two hundred semi-autonimous settled worlds. Some of those worlds are rich and powerful, others aren't. A coalition of a dozen lesser worlds, tired of being second class citizens, decides to secede from the Confederation. On Ravenette, one of the Coalition worlds, protestors gather at the main gate of the Confederation army base. Someone unknown shoots into the crowd, killing a protestor and setting off a bloody riot that kills many civilians and soldiers. The Coalition declares war, and brings all its military might against the Confederation forces on Ravenette--banking on the likelihood that they will acchieve victory before reinforcements arrive, and that the Confederation will agree to negotiate a peaceable parting. They guessed wrong. An army division and 34th FIST are soon on the scene, holding the line until more reinforcements arrive. But matters get worse when General Jason Billie is given command of the Confederation forces. General Billie not only has no combat command experience, he hates Marines.
The paperback is now available in stores.

cover Book 12: Firestorm
A Del Rey Book
Published by Ballantine Books
Copyright 2007 by David Sherman and Dan Cragg
Starfist, Book 12, Firestorm
This book concludes the Ravenette campaign, begun in Flashfire and continued in Force Recon: Recoil. Again, the Marines of 34th FIST are called on to lead the way in defeating the enemy, which they do in their usual hell-bent-for-leather fashion, with some surprising developments for General Jason Billie. And when the Confederation of Human Worlds president, Cynthia Chang-Sturdevant, finds out what really caused the war, she makes an executive decision to make a major policy change. And there's evidence that the Skinks are back, attacking yet another remote "Earthman" world.
This book is in bookstores now in paperback.