Combined Action Platoon Whiskey 8 in Khung Toi village. A squad of US Marines working with the local South Vietnamese Popular Forces platoon. The PFs are farmers and fishermen by day, soldiers by night. Together, the Marines and the PFs keep the villagers safe from the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese.

     An unknown lieutenant, who claims to be from higher headquarters, comes to visit. He's accompanied by another stranger, a man whose uniform bears no rank or other insignia. The two of them "recruit" three of the Marines to conduct secret missions in addition to their regular patrolling duties in Khung Toi. How secret? They aren't even supposed to tell Sergeant Slaughter, the Whiskey 8 commander, anything about the missions--not even that they go on them.

     The leader of the Marines on the secret missions, the corporal called Socrates, is bothered by the missions and goes to headquarters to verify that they are properly authorized, but gets a runaround, and returns dissatisfied.

     Then, on one of the secret missions, the three Marines come across documents that, translated, tell about a major attack planned against a CAP that can only be Whiskey 8. The Marines and their PFs are in for the fight of their lives

This novel was reviewed at That site also interviewed me about The Junkyard Dogs.

Ask yourself a few questions:

     What if vampires were real, the victims of a natural disease that made them drink human blood?
     What if vampires had to maintain a low profile, to keep the rest of us from discovering them?
     What would happen if a vampire--or a group of vampires--went high profile?
     What kind of control mechanism would the vampires have to have to keep the rest of us from finding out about them and hunting them down?

I asked myself those questions. Here are the answers I came up with...


Vampires are real. They go out during the day.
They can eat garlic. Crucifixes don't scare them.
They aren't Bela Lugosi.

Rocks is a vampire hunter.
Rocks is the best at what he does.
Rocks is a vampire.

        WARNING! This novel uses very strong language and is filled with violence and sex. May not be appropriate for all.  


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