December 1, 2003. If you sent me an email in recent weeks and didn't get a reply, I must both apologize and offer an explanation. My inbox has exploded to some 80-100 new emails every day, 80-90% of which are spam. I don't use a preview window on my email client, all I have to go by in determining whether or not an email is legitimate is the "subject" and "sender" lines. Most spam is obvious (includes "prescription," "buy," or simply garbage in the subject line, or garbage in the sender line. There are other, iffy, subject lines. A common one today is the simple word "hi" as the subject. Moreover, much current spam uses what looks like legitimate senders. I automatically delete unopened everything that looks like spam. But once in awhile a reader who hasn't emailed me often enough for me to recognize the sender name sends me an email with "hi" as the subject. I know, because I spot check those emails and have found one or two that were legitimate. Because of that, I'm certain I've inadvertantly deleted some emails from readers.

     So please, when you send me an email, please (can't say "please" often enough) include either the title of one of my series or an individual novel in the "subject" line. If I didn't answer you in the past, please try again.


     David Sherman