You Asked For It

(or; More DemonTech!)

I honestly thought it would never happen, but it did. Seven years after Del Rey cancelled DemonTech because of low sales, another publisher has stepped up to the plate; Dark Quest Books.

No novels yet, but Dark Quest is publishing DemonTech stories. So far, there is "Surrender or Die" which was to have been the prolog to book 4, published in the anthology So It Begins. Then "Delaying Action" in the anthology By Other Means. And now, Memorial Day weekend, 2011 "Get Her Back!," a novella published by itself as a book.

Those three stories amount to the first 35% or 40% of DemonTech book 4. My current thinking is that I will write two more novellas and a couple of short stories, all to be published by Dark Quest under their DTF Publications imprint (the same as "Get Her Back!). Then I will combine them with some connecting material, and voila, book 4!

My best guess at this time is that the entire project will take me three years. Not that DT4 is the only thing I'll be working on during that time, mind you. There's a media tie-in novel that I'm probably going to write later this year, and Dark Quest/DTF Publications wants other novels from me.

I should probably mention that I know what book 5 will be.

Dark Quest Books is a small press, not a major New York publishing house. In practice, that means their books are hard to find in bookstores—although most bookstores are happy to order small press books for their customers, you just need to give them the ISBN number so they can order the book. And small press books are almost always trade paperbacks, not the familiar mass market paperbacks that fill bookstore shelves. Curiously, the economics of printing are such that it costs more to print the smaller books than the bigger books in the numbers that small presses publish. So rather than charge $20.00 or more for the usual 7"x4" paperback, they charge roughly $15.00 for a book the size of a hardback. (The big publishing houses commonly charge more for their trade paperbacks.)

So, DemonTech fans rejoice, we're back in business!


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