The 18th Race



We are not alone.

In exploring and colonizing the galaxy, humanity has discovered evidence of eighteen other sentient species.

Seventeen of them do not seem to have developed interstellar travel.

Seventeen of them have been destroyed by the one that did fly among the stars.


     That star-faring eighteenth species just attacked and destroyed the human colony on the Semi-Autonomous World Troy. A Marine Force Recon platoon sent to investigate is wiped out almost to the last man. The North American Union assembles the largest army seen since the major wars of the 20th Century. It consists of a Marine Corps Combat Force to "Kick in the door," and a four-division Army corps to follow the Marines planetside and take Troy back.

     The initial landing by the 1st Marine Combat Force, is unopposed. It isn't until the fleet carrying the Army corps is approaching Troy that the enemy strikes, with devastating effect.

     The Navy contingent, Task Force 8, 13 warships, is severely damaged. Amphibious Ready Group 17, carrying the Army's VII Corps, is damaged even more severely, with the loss of more than half of VII Corps.

     The fighting is ferocious and the outcome is "Issue in Doubt"


     The fighting continues, with the Marines and those elements of VII Corps able to reach planetside battling the "Dusters", as the alien invaders have come to be called. Now the humans seem to have the upper hand, now the aliens. Deliberations continue on Earth, and a larger force is assembled to reinforce the 1st Marine Combat Force and VII Corps.

     But before the reinforcements reaches Troy, a new Duster fleet arrives–half warships, half tramsports. The warships, twenty or more, take on the survivors of Task Force 8. The remainder of the Duster fleet begins dropping shuttles with more ground combat troops–and the new arrivals greatly outnumber the human defenders. About to be surrounded, the humans will soon be able to shoot "In All Directions."


I'm writing it now.

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